The New hedge model that Reduces cash flow Risk

And upgrades corporate risk management
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“We’re using collars and they're working out OK”

— OK’s not good enough. If you wouldn't accept it for your product line, don't accept it for your bottom line.
Correct hedging yields major impact. Believe it!

Improving your risk profile by improving your hedge results

Market risk is always a risk - whether or not it's realized. Risk committees and treasury departments must always make provision for it. Companies that want to be proactive and cutting edge, seek out alternative hedge solutions - and reject inefficient standard hedges. If this is your company it's time for a change.

What Lazar's all about

Expanding your market protection but keeping your cost the same

This is the goal of Lazar engineering - reconfiguring the hedge model to eliminate forward, swap and zero-cost collar market risk. What makes Lazar unique is that our hedge strategies never have opposite market risk. If the market goes up you're covered; if the market goes down you never lose money. That's how Lazar's changing the standard.

Control your risk

Protecting your cash flow and increasing your profits

Yes - it's a zero-sum game, but with a difference - you control the outcome more than you think. When you increase the efficiency and performance of your hedges it's the same as earning profits. So don't settle for the same low-grade bank solutions. Partner with Lazar and upgrade your hedges and see the results on your balance sheet.

Get the hedges you want!

Dealing with counterparties to get hedges that work

Banks control hedging and thier goal is to sell their products. They don't invent anything; they don't manage anything. But there's nowhere else for you to go. The Lazar team comes from banks so we know how to deal with them, level the playing field, and get the right hedges for their clients - the ones that work.

Lazar - we're always there

Managing your hedging as market conditions change

All through the process - from hedge concept to market exit - Lazar is ahead of the curve in managing your cash flow risk. Because our structures are flexible and cost-effective, we can make adjustments to keep your cash flow safe as prices go up.

Introducing Your new hedge process
Hedge forensics & current strategy Analysis
hedge strategy through algorithm development
High-tech hedges, not swaps and collars
24/7 Market monitoring in real time
Total hedge management: your team & our team together

Learn how to fix your hedges

The right hedge starts with the right model

It’s the model that makes the difference — and the engineer

Because if your risk measure is wrong, so’s your hedge. That’s why we measure real market risk probability through a process of applying equations and concepts that result in transformational algorithms. A game changer that gives corporate clients equality when dealing with banks.

It starts with our team

Mathematicians with PhD’s and extensive research credentials — tasked with one goal: get risk measure right and build a hedge that fits it.

The Bank model - Black Scholes - can’t do this

It’s the standard model which they all use, but it's not about risk measure and protection. It's about continuous trading formulas, profit spreads, hidden fees, and risk — their risk not yours. Because that's what they do.

Start taking control

Are you satisfied with your hedge management?

Would you like to improve your hedge performance? Are swaps and collars letting you down? Ready for a change that works?

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